Just over a year ago came the news that the 1988 cult classic sci-fi horror comedy movie “Killer Klowns From Outer Space” was being turned into a multiplayer video game which is currently in the works for next year.

The film follows a clan of evil extraterrestrials who resemble clowns. They arrive on Earth and invade a small town in order to capture, kill and harvest the human inhabitants to drink their blood.

Attempts to make a film or TV follow-up in the years since have stalled in development. In a new interview with SFX (via Coming Soon), the film’s director Stephen Chiodo says he hasn’t given up hope:

“My goal is to do an eight-part miniseries for streamers. We’ve got a great concept that continues the story of our main characters. We’ll follow a new group of teenagers who come upon the clowns and meet a drunk living in his van – it’s Mike Tobacco. There’s a big invasion, and we end up on the clown planet.

We have lots of great ideas about where this universe goes. You haven’t even seen the clown animals on the clown planet yet. There’s a whole world of things that we have in mind!”

Originally, there was a plan for the film “Return of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space in 3D” nack in 2012, which never seemed to come to fruition. Those plans changed to more along the lines of TV series ideas since, but again have never really taken off.

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