The reviews aren’t good, the box-office projections are soft, and now it looks like the DC Extended Universe that began with Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” a decade ago will come to a quiet end with the release of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the film’s star Jason Momoa cast doubt on his future in the role with the actor likely waiting to see how well the film performs before calling it a definitive end.

Previously its been teased that whatever the case, this won’t be the last we see of Jason Momoa in the DC fold, with the actor long rumored to be playing Lobo in the new DC Universe incarnation that’s replacing the DCEU.

Now, DC Studios co-chief and “Aquaman” producer Peter Safran has also weighed in, telling The Independent:

“If it’s the end of the journey, fine. If it goes on, that’s also fine. When I think of Jason in this role, he is the definitive Aquaman. He’s redefined it.

Its been an 11 or 12 year journey for him – a lot of the audience doesn’t realize that he was cast so long ago. It’s kind of redefined him. When he took this role he was known as Khal Drogo, and now he’s really Aquaman.

What I hope is that people will really be here to support him on this journey. If it’s the end of the journey, fine. If it goes on, that’s also fine, but I think it has meant so much to him.

The way [director] James [Wan] crafted this second film, it feels like a very complete story when you watch the two films together. We’ll see what happens with him beyond it. I know that Jason will always have a home at DC, and at Warner Bros. In fact, his next movie is ‘Minecraft.’”

Safran and James Gunn are leading DC Studios which will begin its new initiative with the animated series “Creature Commandos” and the Gunn-directed live-action “Superman: Legacy”.

Gunn recently confirmed on Threads that ‘Creature’ will air in late 2024. Meanwhile a production listing has indicated an early-mid March filming start for “Superman: Legacy” ahead of its July 2025 release.

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