Nearly two decades after The Lightning Thief was published, Percy Jackson fans are finally getting the faithful adaptation they’ve been waiting for with the Disney+ series Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The show has a talented and stacked cast of actors that breathe new life into these characters and help transport us to a world where Greek gods, monsters, and everything in between are very real and very dangerous.

Here are the demigods, humans, gods, monsters, and more that you need to know in the world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and the actors that bring them to life.

Walker Scobell is Percy Jackson

12-year-old Percy Jackson has always felt different from other kids his age. ADHD, a penchant for daydreaming, and an unlucky streak with bullies has gotten him kicked out of a number of schools, both private and public, but regardless he’s always felt safe and cared for with his mom Sally. After a strange encounter at school leaves him questioning his reality, Percy learns that Greek gods and monsters are very real, and that he is a demigod. Thrust into a world of adventure, Percy has to figure out how to deal with this new normal all while trying to stop the gods from starting a war. Percy is played by Walker Scobell, who is most known for playing a younger version of Ryan Reynolds’ character in The Adam Project. The young actor also starred alongside Owen Wilson in the Paramount+ original movie Secret Headquarters.

Leah Sava Jeffries is Annabeth Chase

As a daughter of Athena, Annabeth Chase has been through a lot in her young life. With Percy’s arrival, she finally has a chance to leave Camp Half-Blood and prove herself on a quest after five long years of training. Her stoicism initially clashes with Percy’s more impulsive nature, but they eventually learn to trust each other, and even become friends. Annabeth is played by Leah Sava Jeffries, who has also starred in the TV shows Empire and Rel, and the movies Beast and Something from Tiffany’s.

Aryan Simhadri is Grover Underwood

Grover Underwood is a satyr tasked with protecting Percy and Annabeth on their quest to find Zeus’ lightning bolt. Even though he’s technically 24 in satyr years, a combination of magic and the lifespan of satyrs puts him at roughly the same age as Percy and Annabeth appearance-wise. Grover is a little awkward, but cares deeply about his friends. Aryan Simhadri brings Grover to life, and you can also find him in the Disney+ movies Trevor: The Musical and the 2022 Cheaper by the Dozen reboot.

Virginia Kull is Sally Jackson

Sally Jackson may only be human, but she’s the rock that Percy pulls his strength from. Raising him on her own for most of his life, Sally has instilled within Percy a strong moral compass that helps him on his journey, even in her absence. Virginia Kull plays this strong force in Percy’s life, and you may recognize her from the shows Big Little Lies, The Looming Tower, and NOS4A2.

Glynn Turman is Mr. Brunner/Chiron

Chiron is a centaur who first appears to Percy as his Latin teacher Mr. Brunner by disguising his equestrian half in an enchanted wheelchair. Chiron is the activities director of Camp Half-Blood, and becomes a mentor to Percy throughout his time at camp. Chiron is played by Glynn Turman, an actor that has appeared in a wide variety of projects such as Gremlins, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Fargo, House of Lies, and Super 8.

Jason Mantzoukas is Dionysus/ Mr. D

After pissing off Zeus, the Greek god of wine Dionysus has since been relegated to serving as the camp director for the demigod safe haven Camp Half-Blood. Mr. D isn’t thrilled about this job, and rarely hides his disdain for the campers he’s tasked with watching. Jason Mantzoukas brings this curmudgeonly god to life, an actor you may recognize from his roles in The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Invincible, and Big Mouth.

Megan Mullaly is Mrs. Dodds/Alecto

Megan Mullaly plays Mrs. Dodds, Percy’s math teacher at Yancy Academy who also happens to be a monster in disguise. One of Hades’ three furies, Alecto is tasked with bringing Percy, and the lightning bolt he’s rumored to possess, to her master. Mullaly is well-known for playing Karen Walker in Will & Grace and Tammy II on Parks and Recreation, though she has also recently appeared in the movies Dicks: The Musical and Crush.

Toby Stephens is Poseidon

Toby Stephens plays Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea and one of Zeus’ biggest rivals. When Zeus’ master bolt goes missing, Poseidon and Hades are at the top of the list of suspects due to their centuries-long rivalry. Poseidon is considered to be on of the “Big Three” Greek gods alongside his brothers. Stephens is known for his roles in Netflix’s recent Lost in Space reboot and Black Sails.

Dior Goodjohn is Clarise La Rue

Another demigod that calls Camp Half-Blood home, Clarise La Rue is a daughter of Ares, the god of War. She is strong-willed, and tries to pick a few fights with Percy when he first arrives. Clarise is played by Dior Goodjohn, who you may recognize from the 2022 reboot of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Head of the Class, and as little Santana on Glee.

Charlie Bushnell is Luke Castellan

Luke Castellan is the leader of the Hermes cabin at Camp Half-Blood and becomes fast friends with Percy during his short time there. Luke is a skilled swordsman and someone that a lot of the younger campers look up to. He and Annabeth came to camp together many years ago, but lost a friend along the way, leaving them both to lean on each other in the years after. Luke is played by Charlie Bushnell, who previously appeared in the series Diary of a Future President.

Adam Copeland is Ares

Adam Copeland plays Ares, the Greek god of war. This arrogant and daring god crosses paths with the young trio on their quest, though it’s not clear if he’s friend or foe. Copeland has previously starred in the TV series Vikings and Haven, though he may be more recognizable as the pro-wrestler Edge. 

Lance Reddick is Zeus

The late Lance Reddick plays Zeus, the Greek god of the sky and ruler of Mount Olympus. After his Master Bolt is stolen, Zeus threatens war upon those who would dare take it from him. Unfortunately for Percy, he and his father Poseidon are the prime suspects. Before his death, Reddick appeared in a wide variety of projects such as the John Wick film series, Netflix’s Resident Evil series, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Horizon: Forbidden West, The Legend of Vox Machina, Rick and Morty, and so many more.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is Hermes

Lin-Manuel Miranda plays Hermes, the messenger of the gods. He also serves as the god of travelers and thieves, and thus his cabin at Camp Half-Blood tends to be the fullest. Not because he’s sired so many demigods himself, but because that’s where those who have yet to be claimed by their divine parent reside until they are. Miranda is most known for writing and starring in the hit musicals Hamilton and In the Heights, though you may also recognize him from his role in the HBO series His Dark Materials.

Timothy Omundson is Hephaestus

Timothy Omundson plays Hephaestus, the gods’ blacksmith and deity of all major artisans and craftsmen. In The Lightning Thief, Hephaestus doesn’t play a major role in the trio’s quest, but they do cross paths with the god in their travels and get briefly caught up in his quarrel with Ares. Omundson is most known for playing Detective Carlton Lassiter in the long-running procedural Psych, though you may also recognize him as King Richard from the ABC fantasy musical series Galavant.

Jay Duplass is Hades

Hades, the god of the underworld, serves as an antagonist in the series, as he is thought to be behind the theft of Zeus’ master bolt. Hades is played by Jay Duplass, a filmmaker and actor known for both his work with his brother Mark and for his roles in The Mindy Project, Transparent, Search Party, and Industry.

Jessica Parker Kennedy is Medusa

The gorgon Medusa has a history with both Athena and Poseidon, which makes for a tense situation when she crosses paths with Annabeth and Percy on their quest. Jessica Parker Kennedy brings the petrifying woman to life, and you’ll likely recognize her from TV shows like The Flash, Black Sails, Smallville, and The Secret Circle.

Tim Sharp is Gabe Ugliano

Gabe Ugliano is Sally’s husband and Percy’s step-father. He doesn’t bother to hide his disdain for Percy, and is abusive toward him and Sally. Gabe is played by Tim Sharp, who can also be found in Enlightened, Undeclared, and The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.

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