“Heat,” “The Insider” and “The Last of the Mohicans” director Michael Mann has confirmed that he’s moving forward on a science-fiction project he has long been developing – his first effort in the genre.

Mann made the reveal whilst participating in Variety’s Directors on Directors series with fellow filmmaker Ava DuVernay, whom he first met when she was a film publicist and was inspired seeing Mann at work filming “Collateral”.

During the discussion, Mann said he had been trying to make “Ferrari” for over twenty years to which DuVernay asked if that was the longest time he has ever had a project gestating for.

Mann responded that he has one other that’s been kicking around for just as long saying” “I actually have a science-fiction [project]” before trailing off.

She asks: “So, the clock is still ticking on that one?” to which he responds: “the clock is still ticking on it.” The closest Mann has ever come to sci-fi in the past, aside from a producing credit on “Hancock,” is his famously troubled 1983 supernatural horror film “The Keep”.

The comments come as “Heat 2” is expected to be Mann’s next feature, and he’s still developing a project about the Battle of Wai in 1968 during the Vietnamese war. “Ferrari” is slated to hit cinemas on Christmas Day.

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