In a surprising bit of news, filmmaker Zack Snyder has revealed that a ‘Snydercut’ version of his divisive 2011 fantasy feature “Sucker Punch” is in the works.

Speaking with Inverse whilst promoting “Rebel Moon,” he says the new version will go beyond the ‘extended’ version seen on disc. In fact, it could well involve bringing back some of the original actors for additional shooting.

He says: “I’m working with Warner Bros. to try and find a window to go back in. Even though we did an extended version, it’s not the fully realized movie.”

Specifically he says he wants to reshoot the film’s final scenes: “I think it’s good [if] I can get those guys, Emily [Browning] and Abby [Cornish] and the crew back in. Some reshoots would be amazing.”

Warner Bros. Pictures gave Snyder around $70 million to shoot and edit additional footage for his new version of “Justice League”. However it’s frankly impossible that he’d get a similar budgetary bump for a “Sucker Punch” redux.

Emily Browning starred in the film as Babydoll, a woman who faces a dark, unknown fate as she waits for a drastic brain surgery at a mental asylum. Reality and fantasy merge as she devises a getaway plan with four other girls. The film grossed just $89 million worldwide.

The talk comes as CulturaOcio recently asked Snyder the hypothetical of if Netflix got the rights to the DC superheroes and he was asked to continue the Snyderverse, would he do so? “If Netflix owned the rights to the DC characters in my extended universe, of course! Absolutely. Yeah, no question.”

It also hits as the first reactions to the first part of his “Rebel Moon” saga has arrived with a seemingly mixed response so far.

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