Percy Jackson and the Olympians arrives for Disney+ on December 20th and brings with it the magic and adventure that the series is known for. The eight-episode series stars Walker Scobell as Percy; a demigod who has the ability to see supernatural creatures both good and evil.

This ability makes him and those near him question his sanity which has caused Percy to be something of an outcast at his school. This is further complicated with new reveals and interactions with dangerous creatures which causes Percy to stop doubting his mother’s explanation and accept that what to him seems to be stories of fancy about his origins may be real.

The first two episodes are packed with solid special effects and move at a steady pace and while action scenes may be a bit intense for younger viewers, the show works well and holds considerable potential.

The cast is engaging and I look forward to seeing where it unfolds while I am familiar with the series; I have not read any of the books or seen the prior movies which made this a fresh experience for me.

Based on the first two episodes this looks like a winner and I expect fans of the source material to eagerly look forward to each new episode as it delivers a winning mix of action and fantasy.


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