As I get older, I find myself forgetting a lot of things about movies. For instance, just the other week I was tremendously surprised to find Christopher Lloyd in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. I leaned forward, pointed at the screen, and declared “Hey, it’s that guy!” to my empty living room.

I mean, I always kinda knew he was in it, but for some reason, the knowledge had been pushed out of my brain by something newly acquired, just like that time I discovered I really liked tequila, and then completely forgot how to drive.

This set me thinking about who else had early roles, and in what, that I might have forgotten about. I went down a rabbit hole here, and now you can too!

Joaquin Phoenix – Murder She Wrote

Lena Headey – The Jungle Book (1994)

Anthony Starr – Xenia: Warrior Princess

Henry Cavill – The Count of Monte Cristo

Bryan Cranston – Seinfeld

Pedro Pascal – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Jamie Lee Curtis – Columbo

Rosario Dawson – Sesame Street

John Krasinski – Jarhead

Harrison Ford – Dead Heat On A Merry Go Round

Adam Sandler – The Cosby Show


Over to you, Outposters! Who is the biggest star you can find in the most obscure, and forgotten shit?

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