Studios Extraordinaires and games maker Fallen Leaf Studios are teaming to develop film and TV versions of the well-received sci-fi horror game “Fort Solis”.

The game, released in August this year, has you taking control of engineer Jack Leary, who is trust into an emergency situation on an isolated Martian mining base.

As events spiral out of control, a mystery about the fate of the base’s crew slowly unravels. Roger Clark, Troy Baker and Julia Brown did performances in the game.

No cast for the big or small screen adaptations have been set as yet. Studios Extrairdinaires co-founders André Hedetoft and Andreas Troedsson say in a statement:

“Fort Solis is the kind of clever science-fiction tethering on the brink of science-fact that will stay with you long after you step away from the screen. Each character in the small cast brings a unique perspective and depth to the story and we can’t wait to bring its gripping narrative, cinematic setting, and stellar cast to life amidst the thrilling backdrop of the Martian frontier.”

Studios Extraordinaires has several other films on the way including “Aurora Noir,” “Expeditions” and “Space Marshals”. All three remain in development at present.

Source: Deadline

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