Majestic Limited and Japanese publishing house Kodansha have closed a deal for a film adaptation of famed Korean artist Boichi’s ten-volume manga “Origin”.

The story unfolds in Tokyo in the year 2048 in a time when humanity has achieved major advancements in technology and robotics.

In this world, much of the northern hemisphere is now connected by the massive Eurasian Railroad, which deposits all manner of crime and vice at its easternmost terminus in the city.

Night after night, the city is gripped by fear as bodies start turning up mutilated in ways unthinkable for a human assailant. Remorseless killers stalk the shadows – but one man stalks them! He is ORIGIN, and he is not what he seems.

The work by Boichi (real name Park Mu-jik), who also created “Sun-Ken Rock,” has only just begun being translated to English with the first volume hitting stores just the other week.

“The Fault in Our Stars” filmmaker Josh Boone is one of the founders of Majestic Limited alongside Danny Chan (“Barbarian”) and Darius Shahmir (“Midnight Special”).

The news comes in the wake of Netflix’s live-action “One Piece” series which was able to adapt a famed manga and anime property into a very well-received and popular global sensation.

Source: Variety

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