Expect much smaller gaps between “Evil Dead” film release dates in the near future.

Though Bruce Campbell has retired from playing Ash in the films, he’s still very much involved in the series as a producer – including this year’s “Evil Dead Rise” which scored good reviews and was a major financial success – grossing $147 million which is nearly nine times its production budget.

Recently Campbell, out promoting his new docuseries “Discontinued” about famous failed products, spoke with Collider and confirmed that more “Evil Dead” films on the way.

In fact, he says they will arrive at a more regular pace than the decade-long gap between 2013’s reboot and ‘Rise’ With the aim being to pump ’em out steadily every few years:

“We’re going to do them probably more like every two to three years now, rather than every ten years. But, hey, we’ve seen with Star Wars – you don’t want to wear people out. Keep them guessing! We never wore out our welcome with Evil Dead because we never choked them.

We were very happy with what [director] Lee Cronin did. He did a great job, to the point where he’s going to be hard to employ again because everybody wants to use him now. So we’ll see if we get him back or not! It’s made the most money of any Evil Dead movie so far at $140 million. So, yeah, you bet your bottom dollar we’re going to do a few more.”

At present no specific follow-up project to ‘Rise’ has been announced as yet. Campbell also mentioned he’d very happily play either Sam Axe from “Burn Notice” or Brisco County Jr. again.

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