This article contains Squid Game: The Challenge spoilers through episode 9.

Squid Game: The Challenge has been a controversial endeavor for Netflix but it’s hard to argue that it hasn’t been a successful one.

The reality competition series based on the streamer’s iconic 2021 hit Squid Game brings 456 normal people together to engage in physical, mental, and emotional battles of elimination until there’s only one person left standing. Unlike Squid Game before it, The Challenge ditches most of the capitalistic satire that gave the original proceedings real bite. Like Squid Game, however, The Challenge is also a real hoot.

There’s something inherently engaging about watching every day folks play in high stakes children’s games (whether or not those games could actually kill them like in Squid Game or merely eliminate them like in The Challenge). The series has been a mainstay of Netflix’s Top Ten since it premiered on Nov. 22 and one has to imagine the 10th and final episode is going to make a lot of waves.

With that in mind, here is everything we know about Squid Game: The Challenge episode 10.

When Does Squid Game: The Challenge Episode 10 Come Out?

Squid Game: The Challenge has enjoyed a fairly atypical release schedule for a Netflix series. The first five episodes dropped all at once on Wednesday, Nov. 22 and the next four episodes arrived on Wednesday, Nov. 29.

Naturally the 10th and final episode will be premiering on Wednesday, Dec. 6 but it will do so at a new time. Rather than arriving on Netflix’s servers at 3:01 a.m. ET per usual, Squid Game: The Challenge episode 10 will release at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. Live premieres have a checkered history on Netflix so hopefully the servers are up to snuff.

Squid Game: The Challenge Season Recap

Squid Game: The Challenge has been an interesting blend of familiar Squid Game competitions along with some new tricks. You can find our full list of the games over here, but as a brief refresher, here are the “Main Games” the 456 contestants have played thus far.

– Red Light, Green Light
– Ppopgi
– Warships
– Marbles
– Glass Bridge
– Circle of Trust

Notably, the only real Squid Game contest missing from the season is Tug-of-War. We imagine that has to have come down to safety concerns. Production insurance is willing to cover a lot of things but a game that has been known to tear people’s arms off is probably a (glass) bridge too far.

Who Are the Final Three Squid Game Contestants?

After nine episodes, countless challenges, and 453 eliminations, only three players remain on Squid Game: The Challenge. Here they are in their finest attire:

Here’s everything we know about the final three, courtesy of the Netflix press site.

Samuel Wells (016) – A 37-year-old artist from Florida, Sam says of himself “I grew up a little gay boy in a very religious family. I’m pretty confident in my ability to hold my cards close to my chest.”

Mai Whelan (287) – A 55-year-old immigration adjudicator from Virginia, Mai has used her military experience to her advantage. Known for occasionally making shrewd decisions Mai says in episode 9: “This game is all about self-preservation. I have to do what I have to do to survive.”

Phillip Cain (451) – A 27-year-old scuba instructor from Hawaii, Phill is known for his opulent head of hair and positive vibes. Phill claims he had no strategy going in to The Challenge, saying “I’m kind of going in blind. I really just have no idea how this is going to go.”

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