Apple and Paramount Global have discussed bundling their respective streaming services Apple TV+ and Paramount+ at a discount according to The Wall Street Journal.

The combined offering would cost less than subscribing to both services separately and could attract cost-conscious customers grappling with the major cost of living price hikes of recent months.

The talks are said to be in early stages and it is unclear what shape the bundle might take. They do fit well together – Apple TV+ with its smaller library of exclusive and prestige content, and Paramount+ with its larger back-catalogue of recognizable TV shows and movies.

The potential offering comes as Verizon is reportedly planning to offer ad-supported versions of Netflix and Max together for a $10-per-month combined price – far less than the $17 you pay for the two services separately.

Rival entertainment giants are exploring ideas of teaming up as they look to make their offerings more affordable and doing so in a way that doesn’t bring with it the costs and legal headaches that come with expensive acquisition deals. Bundles offer a quick and easy solution.

Disney has long offered a bundle of Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ which has proven popular.

Source: CNBC

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