Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav appeared at the New York Times Dealbook Summit in New York Wednesday morning to talk about his company’s future.

In the speech, he touched upon the various tribulations the company has faced not just during the strikes but in the time since he’s taken over as boss of the merged companies.

It’s one set of comments that he made however that have already gone viral – namely regarding the studio’s scrapping of films like “Batgirl,” the “Scoob!” sequel, and more recently “Coyote vs. Acme” until they changed the plan in that case and allowed that to be shopped around.

He says making a choice not to release a project takes “courage”. It “requires very hard decisions” and “many of them are unpopular”. He goes on to justify why it was done:

“What content is going to help us win? The content that wasn’t, we made a strategic decision on. It was difficult and it was painful. But I think it was the right decision for the company and it was necessary.

It’s a very scary time, but its also an exciting time because of what’s possible. We were the first ones through. We needed to get healthy and needed to build a real business around this company.”

He adds that the company is now “in a position to really attack for growth” over the next year, but a generational disruption to the whole sector means “more aggressive, tougher, faster decisions” are required.

Source: The Verge, THR

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