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It is a near-indisputable fact that nerds have taken over the planet. Everyone knows it. So consequently, there’s more and more nerdy products out there than ever before  — and in more areas than ever before. Basically everything you can think of, from toys to soap, has something for your fandom…including wedding bands! 

Thanks to the lovely folks over at Manly Bands, you can do exactly that for the special someone in your life. On top of their high quality bands with pristine material and packaging, as well as options to fully customize a band to your needs, they’ve got some great designs for all the DC Comics and Lord of the Rings fans out there. In honor of Black Friday, we’ll be highlighting a few of their designs that are sure to fill your, or your partner’s, nerdy heart with joy.

Lord of the Rings

The Aragorn

If you’re trying to send a message of intense nobility, there may be no better character than Aragorn, son of Arathorn. One of the most important character’s from J.R.R. Tolkien’s timeless fantasy epic, Aragorn has himself a compact, charcoal-gray band thanks to the folks at Manly Bands. The inside of the brown — a smooth, wooden brown — with the solid dash line on the outside make it particularly beautiful to look at. 

The relative simplicity of the design suit the humble king quite well. Plus, like many of Manly Bands products, the band comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Especially if you’re familiar with Aragorn’s love life from the series, that part feels poetic! 

The Legolas

Legolas, like in the series, is just a tad bit louder than someone like Aragorn. Not in an audible sense, but in an aesthetic sense — and this Manly Bands design does exactly that. It’s design is perfectly suited for Legolas’ Elven background. The cobalt chrome color is great, but the green ashwood accompaniment makes it even better.

There’s also a carving for the Lord of the Rings logo on the inside, or US-based customers can get a custom message engraved as well. Elven fans, or simply fans of cool folks that are remarkably good with arrows, won’t want to miss this one.

The Gimli

The term “short king” gets thrown around a lot these days, but Gimli may be the most deserving. The antithesis to Legolas’ more reserved demeanor, Gimli is as boisterous a fellow as they come. But with that also comes genuine strength, and this band does its job attesting to just that, with a black zirconium metal and a golden cerakote filled etching on the outside. 

Fans will notice the golden etching replicates the exact pattern shown for Gimli’s helmet. So while the rest of the hero trinity with Aragorn and Legolas have their pristine wooden inspirations, Gimli has his own distinct style. Plus, just like Legolas, the inside Lord of the Rings logo is included with the option of a custom engraving. 

The Sauron 

But of course, you can’t discuss The Lord of the Rings lore without paying homage to the evil forces at play. If you’re feeling like a show of strength, or a power move, suits you best, then this gorgeous band is the perfect choice. The black zirconium metal is here, but with the adage of a lava rock and glow powder inlay. 

The red inside of the band helps complete what is a wonderful callback to the surface of Mount Doom where Sauron resides. Plus, the band also has a UV light included to make it glow in the dark! If you ever want to feel powerful and mischievous, this one has everything you need.

The One Ring

Saving perhaps the best for last — or, more appropriately, the one band that may rule them all — is an exclusive band for The One Ring that started it all. The iconic centerpiece item for the entire Lord of the Rings story, Manly Bands is one of only two (2!) licensed jewelers with the studio and Tolkien estate to make it! 

The band is a perfect replica of The One Ring’s look, complete with elvish inscription on the outside and boasting a solid 14K yellow gold coloring. The shine of this bad boy is gorgeous, and a must-have for Lord of the Rings diehards. Just looking at this band will give you an urge of need, as if it’s calling to you specifically…

DC Comics

The Green Lantern

But of course, The One Ring isn’t the only powerful ring from the world of geekdom. Considered by many to be the most powerful ring in all of existence, Manly Bands is featuring their own take on the Green Lantern ring. It’s the ultimate band for those with an indomitable will, or are just big fans of the DC Comics legend! 

The band has its own black zirconium metal with a charcoal gray finish, but with an Emerald Opal and Glow Powder inlay featuring the lantern logo. to make it a perfect tribute for The Lantern Corp. Plus, 

But would a Green Lantern ring be complete without something to pay homage to the whole “in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight” Lantern Oath? Of course not! So, naturally, the band also comes with a UV light that will show off that green opal whenever night may befall you. 

The Aquaman

With the latest DC studio film in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom set to release just prior to Christmas, this could be the perfect band of all. The charcoal gray color is as great as always, and the classical Aquaman logo — sea trident and all — is also a splendid touch. But the added Abalone Shell inlay and Green Cerakote sleeve make this one stand out amongst the many, many legends of the DC universe. 

The band works as a splendid homage to the look and feel of Atlantis, or Aquaman, or even just for all the fine people that enjoy the freedom the sea brings! 

The Batman

Be honest: did we fool you for a second? Just for a moment, did you really think the most legendary figure of not just DC Comics, but possibly all of pop culture, wouldn’t get a mention on this list? Well, here he is with his own band — and while it’s worth mentioning Batman in any context regardless of quality, Manly Band’s went above and beyond to deliver something befitting of the dark knight. 

The charcoal gray color is here, but with an extra flavor in the form of a carbon fiber inlay and an engraving of the Batman logo inside. It’s sleek, discreet, and engrossing to look at. Plus, Manly Bands also — as one does — has other Batman-centric designs with their Caped Crusader and Bruce Wayne bands. So whatever your Bats needs are, they’ve got you covered.

The Harley Quinn

While the clown prince of crime certainly gets, historically, more of the attention, the sophisticated mischief of his partner/love in crime must not be overlooked. The folks over at Manly Bands, of course, have paid their respects to Harley Quinn with their one-of-kind band that is as captivating as the character herself!

The charcoal gray color fits her style wonderfully, but it’s the adage of the Red Opal and Obsidian Diamond logo that add just enough of a flourish without being over the top, just like Harley. The white cerakote sleeve also suits her style nicely, and with the increase of the character’s relevance of late (e.g. Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad, and of course Max’s Harley Quinn series that was just rewened for another season), this band could be the most coveted of all. 

The Clark Kent

The one who, indeed, started it all. Superman may be a little under the radar by his usual standards of late (but certainly not for long), but his impact is eternal. A character that symbolizes hope in every sense of the word, Manly Bands’ products for the hero are perfect for the wide-eyed optimist in your life. But if you’re not feeling the typical Superman colors, this Clark Kent band is a unique alternative to get your hands on.

The super polished design features a tungsten metal with a blue and black carbon fiber inlay. Channeling the more discrete nature of Clark Kent, the band’s mixture of colors makes it feel like you’re one hiding something beautiful beneath the surface. Or, the aesthetic could be viewed as a tribute to Superman’s famous Fortress of Solitude. 

Either way, the band is excellent just like the rest of Manly Bands’ products — with tons more you can discover yourself and plenty else on the way. 

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