We love a debate, here at Last Movie Outpost. All are welcome, and different points of view make things interesting, unlike many other movie websites, such as ones that rhyme with The Hairy Moo, that simply won’t allow unapproved opinions. Meanwhile, the corridors of the Outpost positively ring with debate.

Who is the best Bond? Are superhero movies completely done? Will Eggy be justified in calling the police if you put that in there while he is having an afternoon nap, even if you claim it is a joke? The debate never stops.

Other people are so sensitive, aren’t they? Because of them and their overbearing loudness about their fragility, we constantly have to appeal to their lowest common denominator sensitivity. Society is forced to move at the speed of its slowest. In short, these people ruin everything for everyone. Even movies and entertainment.

This started us thinking, here at the Outpost, about movies. As the writers rooms of Hollywood have become infested with collective queefing and college programmed group think, the caustic edge of entertainment has been blunted to a smooth curve, possibly wrapped in some kind of protective bubble wrap for mental health reasons.

The result? Quite a lot of things that are even quite recent are simply verboten by the pearl-clutchers. So the topic of todays debate is this:

What movies have you enjoyed even as recently as from the turn of the Millennium that simply would not get made today?

Robert Downey Jr in blackface, Simple Jack, and Tom Cruise threatening to fuck your fucking face… Tropic Thunder has to be high up that list. Heads would explode if that were to land in theaters today. Yet we know the overly censorious Hounds of Hollywood would have kittens at much more innocent fare than that.

So have at it, glorious Outposters! FIGHT!!

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