With the first of the “Doctor Who” 60th anniversary specials having aired in the UK, The BBC has now released an official photo gallery of the new control room interior set for the TARDIS which you can see below.

The new layout is huge and modern, boasting an almost Apple store look of all white and grey combined with an X-Men’s Cerebro style spherical structure. For the publicity photos, the shots are very brightly lit, whereas its glimpse in the series has the lights turned down enough to cast an almost blue-grey hue.

Whilst all the walls, flooring and doors are modern and minimalist, both the entry door and the control console itself remain straight-up old-fashioned with a ton of knobs, switches, and old tech seemingly cobbled together. It also has its own coffee machine.

Showrunner Russell T Davies spoke with Radio Times about the new set and how it’s built to last:

“I think I said ‘big and white’ in the script. Isn’t it amazing? It’s such a piece of engineering – you’ve got to be able to walk on the walkways and run around. It’s a proper working studio with health and safety practices and things like that.

Over the past few years, Clara flew off in a white TARDIS and then Jodie Whittaker had the Fugitive Doctor and she had a white TARDIS and I loved the white TARDIS. I spent a couple of years thinking, ‘I like that,’ not knowing I was coming back.”

It marks a distinct move away from the coral-esque green of the original Eccleston & Tennant era, the elaborate orange and then metallic green of the Matt Smith era, the same latter set recolored for the Capaldi era, and the more yellow geodes style of the Jodie Whittakerera.

Expect plenty more adventures with this new TARDIS in the coming years. The first of the “Doctor Who” anniversay specials is now up on the Disney+ service.

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