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What’s better than a brand-new Funko Pop! to adorn your growing collection of favorite nerdy characters? Nothing, that’s what! Whether you’re looking for collectibles to add to your own display or looking for the perfect gift for your geeky friends and loved ones, there are plenty of options on eBay. Here’s a selection of our very favorites to buy this holiday season.

Funko Pop! Jack & Sally (Diamond) 2-Pack Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas

Henry Selick and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas remains the perfect blend of Christmas and Halloween. The stunning stop-motion, coming-of-age musical is rich in merch, but Jack Skellington and his patchwork paramour will make the perfect stocking stuffers in this seasonal two-pack. Jack and Sally are decked out in charming Christmas cheer and ready to celebrate the holidays with any Halloween Town enthusiasts.

Buy Jack & Sally here

Funko Pop! Super War Hammer Titan (Glow) Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is one of the biggest anime of the past decade, and with the totemic title’s groundbreaking series finale, it’s never been a better time to collect the monstrous Titan Shifters in adorable Funko Pop! form. The War Hammer Titan is the stuff of nightmares and is responsible for one of the anime’s most memorable altercations with Eren Jaeger. Funko has not only perfectly distilled the character’s likeness, but it also glows in the dark and gives off an eerie hue that’s sure to help it stand out among other Attack on Titan Funko Pops!

Buy the Super War Hammer Titan here

Funko Pop! Insidious Key Demon NYCC 2023 Exclusive

Insidious is back and scarier than ever after the success of 2023’s Insidious: The Red Door and the upcoming spin-off entry, Thread: An Insidious Tale. The Further is full of disturbing demons, but few can compare with KeyFace, the Key Demon from Insidious: The Last Key. The Key Demon’s ability to “lock” his victims into silent submission is just as terrifying as the monster’s malevolent look. Insidious isn’t the first franchise that one would think would get the Funko Pop! makeover, but KeyFace has never been cuter than he is in this tiny collectible form that was first released as an NYCC 2023 exclusive.

Buy the Insidious Key Demon here

Funko Pop! Ms. Marvel in Fighting Stance (Glow) Marvel The Marvels

No, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling didn’t get a crossover with The Marvels. This is a glow-in-the-dark, powered-up Funko Pop of Kamala Khan. Ms. Marvel has been one of the brightest spots of this phase of the MCU, and now she can be the bright spot at your office White Elephant exchange so that your coworker with their collection adorning their entire office has something to trade for the wine they don’t drink.

Buy Ms. Marvel here

Funko Pop! Cyclops (X-Men ’97) Marvel X-Men

Close your eyes and picture Cyclops. Yes, it’s weird; just do it. What costume is he wearing? I can guarantee with 80 percent certainty that it’s the one he’s wearing in this Funko Pop model. There’s a reason this is his iconic look: the lines, the hair, the glowing, thicker visor—he just looks so cool. This is the perfect gift for the person in your life who still occasionally mutters “optic SWEEP” under their breath.

Buy Cyclops here

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