Jenna Ortega is not expected to return for the upcoming seventh “Scream” film at Spyglass Media reports Deadline.

Ortega and Melissa Barrera played sisters Tara and Sam Carpenter respectively in both 2022’s fifth and this year’s sixth film in the franchise.

Barrera was fired by Spyglass over reportedly dozens of social media repostings on the Hamas-Israel conflict leading to intense emotional reactions (and aggressive spambots) online across social media and discussion boards.

Despite the timing, Ortega’s exit is for entirely different reasons – namely Netflix’s “Wednesday”. The trade indicates Ortega’s exit was already in discussion before the actor’s strike.

Sources also indicate the actress “either had no deal or, in the renegotiating of her option, asked what the movie company deemed was too much money”. A dispute over a high pay demand is what led to original “Scream” star Neve Campbell exiting the franchise after the fifth film.

The Primetime Emmy nominee has to head to Ireland in April to begin filming the second season of “Wednesday” with that shoot to go into the summer.

She’s also recently been working on a few days of filming to wrap up the “Beetlejuice” sequel, and has become one of the most in-demand actresses of the past few years.

Adding to the complication is that a script for “Scream VII” is not ready yet. Christopher Landon takes over as the film’s director from Radio Silence who helmed the last two entries. The exit of his two main stars however raises obvious questions about the future of the film and the franchise.

Source: THR

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