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According to the text onscreen at the beginning of the film, Hlynur Pálmason‘s Godland is inspired by a collection of 19th century photographic plates discovered in the Icelandic wilderness, apparently taken by a Danish priest. This is a fiction invented by Pálmason but it’s an undeniably evocative one that effectively sets the stage for his engrossing exploration of the history, beauty and particular mindset of Iceland and its people… Review

Despite a hefty (and, make no mistake, well-earned) running time approaching two and a half hours, Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch‘s The Eight Mountains wastes no time establishing the close boyhood friendship (not to be confused with the boyhood friendship in Lukas Dhont‘s putrid Close, currently bespoiling theaters) between Pietro and Bruno (eventually played in adulthood by Luca Marinelli and Alessandro Borghi, respectively). Maybe it’s just the fact that they’re Italian but the mismatched pair (in this case, city boy and country boy) made me think of 2021’s Luca, easily the best Pixar film in years… Review

Also new to home video 11/21/23: Oppenheimer, Saw X, Expend4bles, Tori and Lokita, The Unknown Country, Mister Organ

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The post New to Home Video 11/21/23 first appeared on Battleship Pretension.

The post New to Home Video 11/21/23 appeared first on Battleship Pretension.

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