The latest Disney animated film has arrived with “Wish” and it is a
spectacle of music, color, and magic that is sure to delight the entire

The film is set in a magical kingdom where King Magnifico (Chris Pine)
rules with his wife and guards the wishes of every one of his citizens.

Magnifico is traumatized by the upheaval that destroyed his home and has founded a kingdom where people from all over can live in peace under his magical protection. Every citizen gives Magnifico a wish to protect that in doing so causes them to forget the very wish he has been entrusted

Several times a year Magnifico holds a ceremony where he grants the wish
of one of the people and young Asha (Ariana DeBose), believes that it may
finally, be time for her Grandfather to get his wish granted seeing as it
is his 100th birthday.

Asha is also applying to be an apprentice to Magnifico and despite the loss of her father; she looks to care for her mother and Grandfather and believes good things are ahead.

Asha initially does well in her interview but learns that many wishes will never be granted as Magnifico is paranoid about some of them having the potential to inspire the masses which could lead to unrest and revolt.

Such is the case with her Grandfather who simply wants to inspire people
through music.

Asha and her pet goat Valentino (Alan Tudyk), eventually make a wish upon a star who magically arrives and infuses a new feeling of hope in the community but in doing so makes Asha an outcast and one that drives Magnifico to dark magic in order to contain which starts him down a very dangerous path where only Asha and her friends can save the day.

The movie makes clever references to many Disney classics along the way
and has the fun characters and catchy songs that the company is known for.

The only negative I had with the film is that the animation at times did
not seem to be up to the incredible standards of the company; as it was
solid but not always the awe-inspiring splendor we have become accustomed to from their major theatrical releases.

“Wish” hits all the right notes and is an ideal film for the family to
enjoy and should become yet another classic for the company and you may
even find yourself singing away on the ride home.

4 stars out of 5

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