Amazon, Apple and Netflix have all emerged as reported candidates to potentially acquire Warner Bros. Pictures’ axed Looney Tunes movie “Coyote vs. Acme”.

As reported earlier today, Warners has reversed course on their decision to shelve the project for a tax write-off and instead are allowing the title to be shopped around to other potential buyers.

Now, THR is reporting that screenings for potential buyers are being set up to take place this month with those three all in the mix.

They add that after the news of the film’s shelving broke last week, several filmmakers reportedly instructed reps to cancel meetings they had on the books with Warners. Even with the reversal of fortune for the film, these directors are “taking a wait-and-see approach”.

The trade also confirms that, despite a comment from one of Puck’s sources today to the contrary, the film had tested multiple times with scores in the 90s which is up in the range of the “Deadpool” films and the first “The Conjuring”.

It’s reported that the ordeal has been frustrating for director Dave Green – he delivered the film on budget, hit the right test scores, and moved away from family and friends for 18 months to the UK for post-production in order save the studio money. All to see his and his various colleague’s work effectively disappear.

In the movie, Looney Tunes character Wile E. Coyote hires an unlucky human attorney to sue the ACME Corporation for defective product injury after so many of their products have backfired on him over the years in his pursuit of the Road Runner. Will Forte and John Cena star whilst James Gunn co-wrote the story.

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