Just under a week before the general release of Activision’s “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III,” and the title has come under fire from some early access users.

According to Forbes, the campaign is getting criticized for both its quality and short length – even by the standards of this franchise where 5-7 hour short campaigns are not uncommon. In this case, however, said campaign reportedly clocks in at just 3-5 hours.

Whilst Metacritic scores aren’t up yet, some reviews are such as GameSpot who say nearly half of the missions are “the underwhelming Open Combat style” and that this is “the weakest entry of an otherwise strong reboot series”. They add that the game reportedly runs smoothly on PS5.

The title has found itself drawing attention this past week for several other reasons, such as the file size which reportedly clocks in at up to 200 GB. Additionally, there has been upset over Microsoft pushing a full-screen ad for the title when you log into Xbox.

Of course, ‘Duty’ is really all about the multiplayer which has reportedly received “more positive feedback in early previews”. The title is not going to be a part of Game Pass this year so it’s not clear what impact that will have on user base, though it is likely to boost sales.

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