It’s been a long wait for Invincible season 2. Ever since father-son duo Nolan and Mark Grayson signed off in a symphony of bloody violence in early 2021, fans have been clamoring for more superheroic action. Now the time has finally come as Invincible season 2 is set to premiere its first episode on Nov. 3 on Prime Video.

While Invincible and Omni-Man naturally take up a lot of the attention for this very good Amazon series, let’s not forget the rest of the expansive cast of characters that make up the world created by comic writer and show producer Robert Kirkman. Like any good superhero saga worth its salt, Invincible has a very deep bench of compelling heroes, villains, aliens, civilians, and more.

The bench is so deep, in fact, that it can be hard to keep track of everyone. With that in mind, here is a helpful refresher on the cast of Invincible featuring old friends from season 1 and some new players for season 2.

Steven Yeun is Mark Grayson a.k.a. Invincible

After nearly dying at the hands of his own father, Mark Grayson now has to pick up the pieces of the life he once knew. He has shirked his Viltrumite heritage that, according to his father Omni Man, would have him subjugate Earth until it joined the Viltrum Empire. Instead he has decided to use his powers to continue to save people as the superhero Invincible, just like his father once did. Mark is voiced by Steven Yeun, who has lent his talents to other animated TV shows like Tuca & Bertie and Final Space. Though you’re most likely to recognize Yeun from his roles in The Walking Dead, Nope, Minari, and Beef.

Sandra Oh is Debbie Grayson

Like her son Mark, Debbie Grayson’s world was turned upside down after discovering that her husband Nolan not only killed the Guardians of the Globe, but was also planning to take over Earth. The love she thought they had for each other was shattered upon learning his true feelings for her, and she and Mark have a lot to work through together as they try to move past this shocking revelation. Debbie is voiced by Sandra Oh, who has previously voiced characters in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Turning Red, and Raya and the Last Dragon. Oh in most known for playing Dr. Christina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy and Eve Polastri in Killing Eve.

J.K. Simmons is Nolan Grayson a.k.a. Omni Man

Formerly known as one of Earth’s powerful protectors, Omni Man revealed to his son and the world that his true purpose on the planet was to claim it for his homeworld of Viltrum. After decimating Chicago and nearly killing his own son, Mark, Omni Man left the planet. Where he went is a mystery, but whenever he returns, he likely won’t be alone. J.K. Simmons brings this powerful and formidable Viltrumite to life. The actor is most known for playing J. Jonah Jameson in various Spider-Man movies and other Marvel projects like the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assemble as well as his role in Whiplash. He recently voiced Ketheric Thorm in the popular game Baldur’s Gate III and has previously lent his voice to animated series like Infinity Train and BoJack Horseman.

Zazie Beetz is Amber Bennett

Amber Bennett is a classmate and friend of Eve, William, and Mark. She and Mark dated throughout season 1, though they briefly broke up because he kept lying to her about his double life as Invincible. They got back together after Mark recovered from nearly being killed by his own father and seem more prepared to move forward with a more honest foundation to their relationship. She may not have super powers, but Amber is smart and perceptive – she figured out Mark’s secret before he told her. Amber is voiced by Zazie Beetz, who you’ll likely recognize from her live-action roles in Atlanta, Joker, Deadpool 2, and season 6 of Black Mirror. Beetz has also lent her voice to roles in the animated series Big Mouth and Robot Chicken.

Gillian Jacobs is Samantha Eve Wilkins a.k.a. Atom Eve

Samantha Eve Wilkins is a young superhero with the ability to manipulate matter and energy to her will. She used to be a part of the Teen Team, and was offered a spot on the Guardians of the Globe roster, but after her boyfriend and teammate Rex Splode cheated on her with Dupli-Kate, she decided to go off on her own to use her powers for more direct acts of good like repopulating forests that have burned down and helping crops flourish across the globe. Eve used to go to school with Mark, William, and Amber, but graduated early so that she could move out of her parents’ house and pursue her goals. Eve is voiced by Gillian Jacobs, who is most known for playing Britta in Community. In addition to voicing Supernova in Rick and Morty and The Vindicators, Jacobs has also recently appeared in The Bear, Minx, and Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy

Walton Goggins is Cecil Stedman

Cecil Stedman is the Director of the Global Defense Agency, a secret government agency that coordinates the response of superheroes to global disasters and employs advanced technology to aid in their recovery (and sometimes resuscitation) after particularly nasty fights. Cecil has been prepping to take down Omni Man in the event that he turned on the planet, but the season 1 finale proved that even the best of Earth’s technology is no match for his power. Even though Omni Man is gone for now, Cecil hopes that keeping Mark close to himself and the agency will give Earth a fighting chance should he or other Viltrumites return. Walton Goggins voices Cecil, who you may recognize from movies like Tomb Raider and Ant-Man and the Wasp or TV shows like Justified and The Righteous Gemstones.

Jason Mantzoukas is Rex Splode

Rex Splode was once a member of the Teen Team, but is now part of the Guardians of the Globe’s updated roster. He can create explosive energy that can turn ordinary objects into powerful weapons. Rex has a tendency to be immature and childish at times, but seems to have grown after Omni Man’s betrayal and has begun to embrace being part of a team. Jason Mantzoukas voices Rex, an actor known for his guest-starring roles in comedies like The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Parks and Recreation as well as his voice acting roles in Big Mouth, Human Resources, Star Trek: Prodigy, and Close Enough.

Khary Payton is Black Samson

Black Samson was a member of the Guardians of the Globe in its early days, but left after losing his powers. In the aftermath of his former teammates death, he rejoins the newly formed team, donning a super suit to make up for missing powers. However, after nearly dying in a fight with Battle Beast, his powers miraculously return and help him recover. Samson is voiced by The Walking Dead alum Khary Payton, who has also voiced Cyborg and a variety of characters in Teen Titans Go! as well as Sovereign Uriel Tal’Dorei in The Legend of Vox Machina.

Melise is Kate Cha a.k.a. Dupli-Kate

Like Eve and Rex, Kate Cha was once a member of the Teen Team and is now one of the Guardians of the Globe. She has the ability to self-replicate and create multiple versions of herself that she can connect with telepathically. If you have watched any amount of teen TV from the 2010s, you’ll likely recognize Kate’s voice actor Melise (also known as Malese Jow) from her roles in The Shannara Chronicles, The Flash, Star-Crossed, The Vampire Diaries, and Sweet/Vicious.

Zachary Quinto is Robot

Zachary Quinto voices Robot, the former lead of the Teen Team and the Guardians of the Globe. Season 1 revealed that Robot was actually just a drone controlled by Rudy Connors, an incredibly intelligent individual who has an unfortunate illness that makes his lungs sensitive to air. The teen clone that Rudy creates for himself is voiced by another actor, but Quinto still brings his talents to the voice of the Robots that Rudy controls. Zachary Quinto is most recognizable for playing Spock in the Kelvin timeline Star Trek movies, and for his roles in American Horror Story and Heroes, though he has also lent his voice to the animated series Big Mouth and The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder.

Grey Griffin is Amanda a.k.a. Monster Girl and Shrinking Rae

Grey Griffin (also known as Grey DeLisle), is a well-known voice actor with nearly 700 credits. Most people will know her as Daphne Blake in the majority of animated Scooby Doo projects since 2001, but she has also lent her voice to roles in The Simpsons, The Owl House, The Legend of Vox Machina, and the video game Batman: Arkham City. In Invincible, Griffin voices two members of the new Guardians of the Globe, Amanda a.k.a. Monster Girl and Shrinking Rae. Griffin only voices Monster Girl in her human form, which gets younger and younger as she uses her powers to transform into a powerful monster. Shrinking Rae has the ability to change her size, but only to make herself smaller. She can’t make herself any larger than she already is, but can shrink as small as an ant

Ross Marquand is Rudolph “Rudy” Connors and The Immortal

Another actor voicing multiple roles in Invincible is Ross Marquand, who has previously appeared in The Walking Dead, and has provided the voice for Red Skull in Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and What If…?, and the voice of Ultron in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and What If…? In Invincible, Marquand voices the teen clone of Rudolph “Rudy” Connors and The Immortal. As mentioned previously, Rudy Connors is a teen clone of an intelligent being that once controlled Robot remotely. He cares about Amanda and hopes to help cure her of her de-aging condition. He chose this teenage form because he wanted her to feel at ease.

The Immortal was a member of the Guardians of the Globe before being killed by Omni Man. He was later resurrected by the Mauler Twins, before being killed by Omni Man once again. Now that the Global Defense Agency knows that he can be brought back, he probably won’t stay dead again for long as Cecil prepares for Omni Man’s likely return.

Seth Rogen is Allen the Alien

Allen the Alien is an assessor for the Coalition of Planets, who are trying to hold their own against the growing Viltrumite Empire. His homeworld was destroyed by Viltrumites, and he now spends his time trying to recruit planets for the Coalition. A clerical error sent him to test Earth’s readiness to join the Coalition by mistake, but upon returning, Allen proves he and the Coalition could be powerful allies should the Viltrumites and/or Omni Man return to try and claim the planet. Allen is voiced by Seth Rogen, who is most known for his roles in comedies like Pineapple Express and This Is the End. Rogen has also lent his voice to other animated projects like Sausage Party and Big Mouth. You can also see the actor in the Apple TV+ series Platonic.

Andrew Rannells is William Clockwell

Andrew Rannells voices Mark’s best friend William Clockwell. William discovers Mark’s secret after a college trip goes awry, and is initially excited at the prospect of being friends with a superhero. Even after discovering who Mark really is, William isn’t afraid to give his friend the advice he needs to hear, even if it’s not what Mark wants to hear. Rannells has also voiced characters in Big Mouth, Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, though you may also recognize him from the HBO series Girls or the Netflix original The Boys in the Band.

Mark Hamill is Art Rosebaum

Art Rosebaum is the premier super suit tailor, and was once a close, personal friend of Nolan and the Grayson family. He helps Debbie uncover the truth about who killed the Guardians of the Globe, and struggles with the aftermath of what they discover. It’s hard for him to rectify the image of the man he thought he knew with who Omni Man turned out to be. Rosebaum is voiced by the incredible Mark Hamill, who many know as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars original and sequel trilogies. In addition to his time in a galaxy far, far, away, Hamill has become a prolific voice actor, playing Joker in a variety of Batman projects including Batman: The Animated Series and the Arkham series of video games, as well as appearing in animated shows like Regular Show and Masters of the Universe. Hamill also recently starred as Arthur Pym in Netflix’s The Fall of the House of Usher.

Clancy Brown is Damien Darkblood

Damien Darkblood is a demon detective that escaped hell and tries to save his own soul by seeking justice for others. He was close to uncovering Nolan’s secret, but Cecil was afraid that Darkblood would show their hand too soon. Cecil sent Darkblood back to hell, but that doesn’t mean his skills won’t be needed again now that Omni Man is off of the planet. Darkblood is voiced by Clancy Brown, who has voiced Mr. Krabs in Spongebob for decades and has also voiced Ryder Azadi in Star Wars: Rebels. Brown recently brought Ryder Azadi to life in live-action in Star Wars: Ahsoka, and has also starred in Gen V, Billions, and the video game Detroit: Become Human.

Kevin Michael Richardson is the Mauler Twins and Monster Girl

Kevin Michael Richardson also voices multiple characters in Invincible, the most notable being the Mauler Twins and the beast that Monster Girl transforms into. The Mauler Twins are blue-skinned superhumans that are incredibly proud of their intelligence despite their inability to avoid capture. They are clones of each other and constantly argue over who is the original. Richardson’s voice acting credits include Young Justice, American Dad!, Family Guy, and The Simpsons.

Chris Diamantopoulos is Doc Seismic and Donald Ferguson

Chris Diamantopoulos voices Doc Seismic and Donald Ferguson in Invincible. Doc Seismic is a socially-progressive mad scientist that uses earthquake-generating wristbands that give him concussions every time he uses them. He was thought to be dead after falling into a lava pit during a fight with Invincible and Atom Eve, but the end of season 1 revealed that he is alive and commanding an army of lava monsters. Donald Ferguson works at the Global Defense Agency as Cecil’s assistant. Even though Ferguson was killed at the end of season 1in an attempt to take down Omni Man, he’s been featured in key art for season 2. Diamantopoulos is currently the voice of Mickey Mouse in a variety of Disney projects and has also lent his voice to Beavis and Butt-Head, American Dad!, Harley Quinn, and the video game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. In live-action, Diamantopoulos is known for playing JQR in the Peacock original series Mrs. Davis.

NOTE: The following section contains casting details for Invincible season 2. All casting information has previously been revealed via trailers, interviews, and IMDb listings but if you are avoiding any and all season 2 information, steer clear.

Sterling K. Brown is Angstrom Levy

Angstrom Levy is undoubtedly the biggest casting addition for Invincible season 2. After all, what is a superhero without an ever-growing list of archvillains? We won’t spoil how Angstrom Levy and Mark Grayson come to butt heads but what we can reveal (and what Robert Kirkman has confirmed) is that Angstrom Levy will be involved in bringing the multiverse to the show. Playing Levy is Award-winning actor Sterling K. Brown. You’ve likely seen him all over television as he’s had major roles in The People v. O.J. Simpson, This Is Us, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Peter Cullen is Thadeus

Officially announced at San Diego Comic-Con by Invincible creator Robert Kirkman, Thadeus looks to be a big part of the Invincible canon going forward. This sage-like figure with a long white beard and flowing robes is a leader in the Coalition of Planets – the universe’s best shot at resisting the Viltrumite Empire. Playing Thadus is an animation icon in the form of Peter Cullen a.k.a. the voice of Optimus Prime. The Canada-born actor has also provided his voice to characters like Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh and KARR in Knight Rider.

Tatiana Maslany is Queen Lizard/Queen Aquaria/General Telia

Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany first came to prominence playing multiple cloned characters in sci-fi drama Orphan Black. It’s only fitting then that she voices multiple characters in Invincible season 2 as well including: Queen Lizard, Queen Aquaria, and General Telia. In addition to Orphan Black, Maslany has starred in several other TV projects of note including as the lead character in Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney-at-Law.

Jay Pharoah is Bulletproof

Being a superhero is hard and as such the roster for The Guardians of the Globe is an ever-shifting thing. Joining the powerful team in season 2 is the invulnerable Bulletproof. Bulletproof’s costume should look pretty familiar as it’s one that Mark tried out from tailor Art Rosenbaum in season 1 before opting for his current look. Invincible fans will know that Bulletproof should play a pretty big role in the seasons to come. Portraying Bulletproof is comedian and master impressionist Jay Pharoah, best known for his time as a castmember on SNL.

Ben Schwartz is The Shapesmith

Remember back in season 1 when Invincible took a trip to Mars to assist some NASA astronauts? Well that didn’t go too well, did it? In fact, it went so poorly that a shape-shifting Martian hid on the ship, made it back to Earth, and assumed the life of Rus Livingston. Now the fake Rus Livingston will try to make it as a hero in season 2 as the aptly-named Shapesmith. Voicing Shapesmith is comedian Ben Schwartz, whose voice you may recognize as the titular character in Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. He’s also appeared in Parks and Recreation, Space Force, and The Afterparty.

Reginald VelJohnson is Principal Winslow

One of the funniest running visual gags in Invincible (aside from the Pentagon’s ever present “parking in rear” sign) is the fact that Mark, Amber, Eve, and William’s high school is named “Reginald VelJohnson High” after the actor best known for playing Carl Winslow in Family Matters. Naturally, VelJohnson himself voices the principal of Reginald VelJohnson … who just so happens to be named Principal Winslow.

Other notable actors slated to appear in Invincible season 2 in unknown roles include: Scoot McNairy, Paul F. Tompkins, Chloe Bennett, Rob Delaney, Rhea Seehorn, Cliff Curtis, Callista Flockhart, Tim Robinson, Daveed Diggs

Invincible season 2 premieres new episodes Fridays on Prime Video, culminating with a midseason finale on Nov. 24.

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