TV show cancellations are nothing new. Beloved shows have been canceled before fans were ready for them to end for decades. But in a time where streaming services have begun to fully erase their own content in addition to canceling shows before they have a chance to find their footing, the future of the shows we love and our ability to enjoy them feels even more out of our hands than it did before. Cancellation doesn’t just mean that our favorite series is coming to an end, now it means that it could be erased entirely from existence.

Even with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) failing to meet the Writers Guild of America’s (WGA) reasonable terms and prolonging the strike in addition to all of the network and streamer mergers, there have been plenty of series renewals thus far. Unfortunately, there are many that are also set to meet their end. Here are all of the TV shows that have been canceled in 2023 so far, and stay tuned as we update this list throughout the year.

Snowpiercer – 3 seasons (fourth filmed), TNT 

Snowpiercer’s cancellation is a result of the Warner Bros. Discovery merger and the subsequent purge of original content that occurred. Not only were the first three seasons of the show removed from HBO Max (now Max) last year with nowhere else to watch it, but it was also announced in Jan. 2023 that the series’ broadcast home of TNT would not be airing the already filmed fourth season, leaving fans to wonder if they’ll ever get to see how the series ends.

Cobra Kai – renewed for 6th and final season, Netflix

As sad as it may be that Cobra Kai is coming to an end on Netflix, at least fans can rest easy knowing that it was the creators’ choice to end the series now, not Netflix’s. It’s so rare for Netflix series creators to have a choice on when their series is ending, that when the series’ end was announced in January, some fans thought that Cobra Kai was joining the Netflix graveyard of shows canceled too soon. Series co-creator Jon Hurwitz took to Twitter soon after the announcement to squash those rumors and reassure fans that the show is ending on their terms.

Netflix didn’t tell us it was the last season. We told them it was the last season. We’ve always wanted to end Cobra Kai on our own terms and we are grateful we have the opportunity to do so. But that doesn’t mean we’re finished with the Miyagiverse. We love this world. #CobraKai

— Jon Hurwitz (@jonhurwitz) February 27, 2023

Star Trek: Discovery – renewed for 5th and final season, Paramount+

Star Trek: Discovery was renewed for a fifth and final season in March 2023, with the final episodes set to premiere in 2024. This series was the first Star Trek original made for streaming, launching on CBS All Access (now Paramount+) in 2017, and without its success, we may not have other Star Trek series like Strange New Worlds or Picard. Discovery survived a streaming service refresh and a global pandemic, and as sad as it is that the show is coming to an end, at least we’ll get to see the crew of the Discovery one last time.

Willow – 1 season, Disney+

When the Disney+ series Willow was first canceled in March 2023, series creator Jon Kasdan took to Twitter to explain to fans that it was more of a pause than a cancellation. Season 2 had already been written, but likely wouldn’t be able to be filmed for at least 12 months, so the pause was to allow the cast to pursue other projects in the meantime. Kasdan’s hopes for season 2 were squashed, however, when Disney+ announced in May that the first season of Willow would be pulled from the streaming service after only six months in preparation for a merger with Hulu.

You – renewed for fifth and final season, Netflix

Not long after the second part of You’s fourth season premiered on Netflix in March, the streamer announced that the show would be returning for a final fifth season. Michael Foley and Justin W. Lo have taken over showrunner duties from Sera Gamble as the show prepares to tell the end of Joe Goldberg’s (Penn Badgley) story. While we don’t know much about how his story will end, there’s bound to be lots and lots of blood.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch – renewed for third and final season, Disney+

It’s sadly time for Clone Force 99’s journey to come to an end. Star Wars: The Bad Batch was renewed for its final season during the series’ presentation at Star Wars Celebration: Europe 2023 back in April. Season 2 saw the titular clone squad pulled into a secret Imperial cloning project despite their best efforts to finally settle down as a family, so there’s little doubt that the final season will be full of emotional moments as they try to reunite and stop the Empire’s plans.

A League of Their Own – renewed for 2nd and final season, Prime Video

A League of Their Own’s season 2 renewal in April was bittersweet for many fans, because with the news came the knowledge that not only would this season be the last for the charming queer baseball show, but that it would only have four episodes to wrap up its story. Queer people deserve to have our stories told, and it’s such a shame that we have to say goodbye to yet another so soon.

Yellowstone – 5 seasons, Paramount Network

Even though there have been whispers that season 5 could be the end of Yellowstone, its official cancellation at the beginning of may still came as a surprise given that the series consistently brings in a high number of viewers for the Paramount Network (not to be confused with Paramount+, which is not currently streaming the series). It’s not clear whether it was planned for this season to be the last or not, but given the alleged shooting schedule disputes between Kevin Costner and series creator Taylor Sheridan during the production of season 5, it seems like a good time to call it quits. While this somewhat abrupt ending may be surprising for fans of the series who were hoping for more time with the Duttons, with all of the Yellowstone spinoffs currently lined up, fans will still have plenty within this world to keep them entertained.

S.W.A.T. – canceled after season 6, then renewed for 7th and final season, CBS

S.W.A.T. was originally set to be canceled after its current sixth season, with the announcement coming from CBS on May 5, 2023. However, after fan backlash and an emotional instagram video from series star Shemar Moore, CBS decided to bring the show back for a seventh and final season with the announcement coming the following Monday. It’s sad for fans that the show is still ending, but it’s a rare thing for a show to be canceled and then picked up again by the same network, especially within a matter of days. 

The Winchesters – 1 season, CW

Despite its ties to the CW’s longest running series, Supernatural, the prequel series The Winchesters couldn’t survive the network’s acquisition by Nexstar. Warner Bros. Television shopped the series and some of the others canceled by the CW to other networks, but unfortunately The Winchesters and Walker: Independence weren’t able to find another home and have been officially canceled.

Archer – 14 seasons, FXX

In May, FXX announced that the upcoming season of their long-running animated spy series Archer would be the last. Season 14 is set to premiere on the cable channel and Hulu in August and will be the final run for Sterling Archer and the International Intelligence Agency.

Other Canceled TV Shows:

1899 – 1 season, Netflix 

Pantheon – 1 season, AMC

Inside Job – 1 season, Netflix

Fear the Walking Dead – 8 seasons, AMC

Mo – renewed for final 2nd season, Netflix

Mayans M.C. – 5 seasons, FX

Dead End: Paranormal Park – 2 seasons, Netflix 

The Chair – 1 season, Netflix 

One of Us is Lying – 2 seasons, Peacock 

Vampire Academy – 1 season, Peacock

Outlander – renewed for 8th and final season, Starz 

The Mosquito Coast – 2 seasons, Apple TV+

Gossip Girl (2021) – 2 seasons, Max 

NCIS: Los Angeles – 14 seasons, CBS

Rat in the Kitchen – 1 season, TBS

Titans – 4 seasons, Max

Doom Patrol – 4 seasons, Max

The Mysterious Benedict Society – 2 seasons, Disney+

Kindred – 1 season, Hulu

American Gigolo – 1 season, Showtime

Jay Leno’s Garage – 7 seasons, CNBC

Money Court – 2 seasons, CNBC

Let the Right One In – 1 season, Showtime

The Blacklist – 10 seasons, NBC

Pennyworth – 3 seasons, Max

Reboot – 1 season, Hulu

Avenue 5 – 2 seasons, HBO

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers – 2 seasons, Disney+

Big Shot – 2 seasons, Disney+

Blood & Treasure – 2 seasons, Paramount+

South Side – 3 seasons, Max

Mindhunter – 2 seasons, Netflix

The Goldbergs – 10 seasons, ABC

Rachael Ray – 17 seasons, CBS

Three Pines – 1 season, Prime Video

The L Word: Generation Q – 3 seasons, Showtime

Grown-ish – 6 seasons, Freeform

Dancing With Myself – 1 season, NBC

Brittania – 3 seasons, Sky and MGM+

Ziwe – 2 Seasons, Showtime

Sex/Life – 2 seasons, Netflix

The Resident – 6 seasons, FOX

Valerie’s Home Cooking – 14 seasons, The Food Network

Amber Brown – 1 season, Apple TV+

Freeridge – 1 season, Netflix

Dear Edward – 1 season, Apple TV+

Bling Empire – 3 seasons, Netflix

Bling Empire: New York – 1 season, Netflix

National Treasure: Edge of History – 1 season, Disney+

The People’s Court – 26 seasons

Judge Mathis – 24 seasons

Big Mouth – renewed for 8th and final season, Netflix

Human Resources – 2 seasons, Netflix

Truth Be Told – 3 seasons, Apple TV+

Call Me Kat – 3 seasons, FOX

East New York – 1 season, CBS

Fantasy Island – 2 seasons, FOX

True Lies – 1 season, CBS

Walker: Independence – 1 season, The CW

Kung Fu – 3 seasons, The CW

Alaska Daily – 1 season, ABC

The Company You Keep – 1 season, ABC

Big Sky – 3 seasons, ABC

Lockwood & Co. – 1 season, Netflix

Would I Lie to You – 1 season, The CW

Hell of A Week – 2 seasons, Comedy Central

Tooning Out the News – 3 seasons, Comedy Central

Physical – 3 seasons, Apple TV+

How to With John Wilson – 3 seasons, HBO

Perry Mason – 2 Seasons, HBO

I Love That For You – 1 season, Showtime

Young Rock – 3 seasons, NBC

Grand Crew – 2 seasons, NBC

Two Sentence Horror Stories – 3 seasons, The CW

Gotham Knights – 1 season, CW

Billions – 7 seasons, Showtime

American Auto – 2 seasons, NBC

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series – 4 seasons, Disney+

The Wheel – 1 season, NBC

The Game – 2 seasons, Paramount+

The Other Two – 3 seasons, Max

Queen of the Universe – 1 season, Paramount+

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies – 1 season, Paramount+

Star Trek: Prodigy – 1 season, Paramount+

Magnum P.I. – 5 seasons, NBC

Breeders – 4 seasons, FX

Reservation Dogs – 3 seasons, FX/Hulu

Single Drunk Female – 2 seasons, Freeform

The Watchful Eye – 1 season, Freeform

High Desert – 1 season , Apple TV+

Sex Education – 4 seasons, Netflix

A Black Lady Sketch Show – 4 seasons, HBO

Snowflake Mountain – 1 season, Netflix

Up Here – 1 season, Hulu

Suspicion – 1 season, Apple TV+

Disenchantment – 5 seasons, Netflix

City on Fire – 1 season, Apple TV+

Painting with John – 3 seasons, HBO

The Peripheral – 1 season, Prime Video

A League of Their Own – 1 season, Prime Video

All Rise – 3 seasons, OWN

Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. – 2 seasons, Disney+

The Idol – 1 season, HBO

The Great – 3 seasons, Hulu

How I Met Your Father – 2 seasons, Hulu

The Wonder Years – 2 seasons, ABC

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty – 2 seasons, HBO

Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin – 1 season (initially renewed for season 2), Peacock

Heels – 2 seasons, Starz

Run the World – 2 seasons, Starz

Blindspotting – 2 seasons, Starz

Home Economics – 3 seasons, ABC

iCarly – 3 seasons, Paramount+

Sort Of – 3 seasons, Max

Welcome to Flatch – 2 seasons, Fox

Vikings Valhalla – 3 seasons, Netflix

The Afterparty – 2 seasons, Apple TV+

Élite – renewed for 8th and final season, Netflix

The Problem with Jon Stewart – 2 seasons, Apple TV+

Fatal Attraction – 1 season, Paramount+

Rabbit Hole – 1 season, Paramount+

Joe Pickett – 2 seasons, Paramount+

Letterkenny – 12 seasons, Hulu

This article will be periodically updated with fresh cancellations.

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