Legendary filmmaker Michael Mann is developing a U.S. adaptation of the South Korean crime thriller “Veteran”.

Ryoo Seung-wan penned and directed the original which premiered in 2015 at Toronto and earned over $85 million at the South Korean box office – becoming one of the highest grossing domestic releases ever.

The film deals with the tyrannical heir to a mega-corporation whose wealthy family is able to buy the young man’s way out of punishment for his crimes. Hardened detective Seo Do-cheol however won’t let that happen this time.

Mann is developing the script with Korean film and TV conglomerate CJ ENM, but it has not yet been decided if Mann himself will direct the project or only serve as a writer/producer.

Work on the project was halted due to the writer’s strike and it’s not clear when development will pick back up to full speed. The current plan is to relocate the action from Korea to a U.S. city.

Mann himself is currently quite busy as he will be promoting the release of “Ferrari” at Christmas, and is focusing on the development of his sequel to 1995’s “Heat” which is expected to be his next directorial outing.

Source: Variety

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