Finishing coverage of extensive new piece in Variety exploring the problems Marvel Studios has recently faced, it has been revealed the company is considering dramatic measures to right the ship.

The blame for the MCU’s woes is being traced back to 2020 as the COVID pandemic combined with the launch of Disney+ led to an endless stream of interconnected Marvel content being planned both in film and on TV.

The demand for content overtaxed the Marvel machine and resulted in a muddled, somewhat directionless narrative spread across assorted works that have left viewers confused.

One of the biggest signs of unrest with the MCU was the infamously bad VFX of “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” with the report indicating at least ten shots were out of focus and done last minute after the film’s post-production schedule was pushed up by four-and-a-half months.

Unsustainable working conditions for VFX workers got so bad they voted unanimously to unionize in September, in doing so they’ve sparked an industrywide trend. Disney’s CEO Bob Iger was “said to be apoplectic” about those VFX troubles with another source saying it the issues with them tie to “half-baked scripts” and “issues [that] should be addressed in preproduction”.

In an effort to turn things around, there have apparently been talks to bring back the original “Avengers” stars including the killed-off likes of Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow. The studio hasn’t yet committed to the idea though, and if they do it would be costly.

They’re also looking to the blue-chip heroes like the “X-Men” an “Fantastic Four,” now back under their control, as a potential means to reinvigorate the brand. With the writer’s strike over, Marvel has reportedly started talking to writers about bringing the X-Men into the MCU.

It comes as “Captain Marvel” has been plagued with lengthy reshoots and looks to underwhelm box-office-wise with an opening weekend of $75-80 million – less than half of last year’s “Doctor Strange” sequel.

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