Many jobs require you to sit at a computer all day, and most professionals are used to it. However, while you might not be lifting heavy items or spending all day on your feet, you might still feel exhausted by the end of the day. As the hours tick by, you start to lose focus and motivation, which can cause your work to suffer and even impact your mental health. 


It’s important to be on the ball while you’re working, and you need an active brain to make that possible. So, how can you keep your brain active and sharp if you spend the entire workday at your computer? 

Improve Your Posture 

Many offices try to promote a healthy workplace and your posture is directly related to your ability to focus and keep your brain sharp during the day. While you might start the day sitting straight, you’ll gradually hunch your shoulders and slouch into the chair. This puts pressure on your neck, shoulders, and lower back, causing discomfort and affecting your focus. However, many people don’t realize their posture has changed, so being more aware of this can help you avoid common posture problems. 

Get A Better Office Chair 

While it’s important to focus on your posture, some office chairs are unsuitable for helping you relieve pressure and maintain a straight spine throughout the day. So what’s the solution? Investing in a new office chair could be the best idea, especially as many businesses will purchase equipment like chairs for employees because they know it will benefit their productivity. The best chairs are comfortable and come with lumbar and neck support that prevents slouching and encourages better posture, meaning you don’t have to waste energy doing it yourself.

Adjust Your Screen 

You should also find ways to adjust your screen to ensure it is at eye level so you are not crouched over or straining your neck to view spreadsheets or write reports. You can purchase affordable accessories that raise the screen to your eye level so that you can look straight at it, and this can also make it easier to sit in on video meetings. There are also adjustable monitor stands and mounts you can attach to your desk, so you have more flexibility. Combine this with a wrist rest for your keyboard, and you’ll be unstoppable. 

Challenge Your Brain 

Focusing on one thing throughout the day will eventually lead to brain fatigue where you experience brain fog and struggle to maintain your mental energy. Rather than forcing yourself to push through the project, take a few minutes every hour to challenge your brain differently. Online games like a crossword puzzle or even popular brain training games can provide a beneficial respite and they are much more effective than scrolling through your social media accounts. 


Regular hydration should also help you maintain your focus. You can find ways to track your water intake to ensure you drink enough each day and this will also prevent you from feeling too hungry, as a glass of water can trick your brain into thinking you’re satiated. It may be beneficial to combine water with other beverages, such as coffee or tea, just make sure you don’t drink too much because the excess caffeine could lead to you crashing before the end of the day. 

Get Up From Your Desk 

It’s no use sitting at your desk all day because the lack of scary changes will only cause more distractions, especially if you’re prone to restlessness. While you shouldn’t spend too much time away from your desk, you should get up every hour or so to encourage circulation and give you the change of scenery you need. If you use a laptop, you might benefit from moving into a spare office or meeting room if you’re struggling to focus on a project because of too many distractions from your coworkers. 


If it isn’t as easy to get up and walk around as you’d like (because of nosey coworkers), you can still stretch at your desk to refresh your energy and maintain good desk health. A few small stretches every twenty minutes not only help with circulation but also give you a small but effective break from your work. 

Eat Lunch Somewhere Else 

Many people eat lunch at their desks because they are too busy to take any time away from it. However, this can be just as detrimental as not doing anything at all. You need a break to help you refresh your brain, and eating lunch at your desk can create negative associations as you never feel like you’ve had a break. If possible, eat lunch somewhere else, whether you want to go out for lunch or have a cozy spot somewhere else in the office. You can also take this time to chat with coworkers on their lunch breaks and forget about work for a while. 

Stop Snacking On Sugar 

Snacking can keep your energy up and encourage you to push through the rest of the day, especially if you experience a slump after lunch. However, consuming sugary and fatty snacks is not suitable. Besides the obvious health issues, sugar can also distract you from your work and cause hyperactivity. Instead, opt for dried or fresh fruit or nuts. 

Learn to Manage Workplace Stress

While many people focus on physical health to maintain an active brain at work, you also need to consider mental health. Experiencing work-related stress can hinder your brain’s condition just as much as discomfort or a lack of mobility. It’s important to learn to manage your workplace stress to ensure it does not cloud your brain and distract you. If you’re worried about making a mistake, you are less motivated to finish your work, so speak to your manager to clarify expectations and prevent stress-related issues. 

Brain Games 

Keeping your mind sharp can help you improve productivity, boost your creativity, and ensure you get the most out of your job without having to take work home. If you feel sluggish as the day progresses, remember these tips to help you get back to your best and impress your manager.

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