Following his comments about “Deadpool 3,” filmmaker Shawn Levy has also spoken some more about his upcoming involvement in the “Star Wars” franchise.

Back in November last year, the “Free Guy” director was announced as being in talks to develop a new “Star Wars” film which he will direct.

Story specifics are under wraps and Levy was thought to be getting to work on the project once he wraps the third “Deadpool” film – a project halfway through shooting recently before the industry strikes halted production.

Talking up the release of his Netflix series “All The Light We Cannot See” this week, Levy was asked by Happy Sad Confused how far along the project is. He says:

“The one thing I’m allowed to say: it is not an Ewok origin story… [It’s] not as far along as I’d like. I definitely have an idea; again, a long pause, but very much re-engaging development. I mean, it’s early development.

But I’ll also say, I really want to make that movie. And obviously, Kathy [Kennedy] and [Dave] Miloni and all the kind of brain trust at Lucasfilm, they’re all trying to juggle and coordinate a lot of pieces in film and in television.”

He admits “it’s a long runway” in terms of a project going from development to actual production, but he says his aim is to re-capture the tone of the original trilogy:

“Listen, we’ve seen different tones succeed, right? We’ve seen “Andor” and its strength. We’ve seen “The Force Awakens” and its strengths. We’ve seen Rian’s [Johnson] “Star Wars” movie and its strengths.

For me, and again, I can only make things that flow from me in an intuitive way… it is a combination of swashbuckling fun, swagger, but also a depth of relationship connections– what are you willing to sacrifice for, either a person or an idea–and in the best Star Wars movie, it’s both.”

The obvious question of course is when. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s ‘New Jedi Order’-set “Star Wars” filn, starring Daisy Ridley as Rey and set around 15 years after the events of ‘Rise of Skywalker,’ is expected to be the next “Star Wars” film to hit cinemas and is aiming to go before cameras next year some time.

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