The second season of Marvel Studios’ “Loki” has been going for wild swings each week, but the fourth episode has offered the biggest shake-up of the MCU since “Avengers: Infinity War”.


The new episode boasts a twist with severe implications as the heroes fail in their plan, Kang variant Victor Timely is spaghettified, and the Temporal Loom is destroyed.

In the final moments of the episode it seems as if the entire multiverse – from the Sacred Timeline to all the various out-of-control branches – has been wiped out of existence including all our heroes.

What’s on the other side of the whiteout at the end of the episode? No-one knows beyond Marvel itself and those involved in the show’s making.

The series still has two more episodes to go and such destruction means the entire board could be reset and what the MCU will look like by the end of the season may be very different.

Theories are already spreading about where the show goes next – the End of Time, a whole new Sacred Timeline, or some more stable multiverse that Marvel will use for its upcoming films like “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty” and “Avengers: Secret Wars”.

One thing the episode did do is resolve several mysteries from Renslayer’s true past, to who vaporised Loki in the hallway vision, to the creation of the TVA via a classic Bootstrap Paradox. Even the increasingly disturbing behaviour of Miss Minutes is brought into check as she undergoes something of a factory reset.

Marvel hasn’t released any trailer or promotional material as yet for the fifth episode, so everything is being kept top secret for now until the episode itself screens on November 2nd. Have your say about the most recent episode in the comments below.

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