Netflix premiered its new time-hopping murder mystery series “Bodies,” based on Si Spencer’s 2015 DC Vertigo comic series of the same name, this past Friday and already it has generated quite a bit of talk.

The eight-episode series follows four detectives living in four different London eras who find themselves investigating the same murder victim in Whitechapel in their respective time periods of 1890, 1941, 2023 and 2053. Each soon comes to realise their investigations have them central to a mysterious conspiracy spanning over a century-and-a-half timespan.

Created by “No Offence” and “Torchwood” writer Paul Tomalin, the project relies on mystery and twists but is ultimately self-contained. Though the story is wrapped up, there has been understandable speculation about a second season.

Tomalin has now shot that talk down, telling Hello! Magazine that the series was designed as a one-and-done and there are currently no plans for a second season as they set out to leave audiences with a satisfying ending:

“We went to Netflix like ‘this is one series, this is a one and done, we wanna close this off’ because I think when you have such an amazing concept up front, you [expletive] your audience off if you don’t solve it.

As the viewer, I hate it when you get this amazing thing, and at the end it’s like, ‘duh, duh, duh,’ and you’re like ‘right so I’ve got to wait a year and a half’.

I think it’s a duty to an audience with something that’s this propulsive as a story concept to end it and solve it. So, we really wanted you to feel that you’d seen the red curtain at the end.

That being said, when you see the back end, there’s certainly a dot dot dot. But the premise that the show sets comes to an end. And it was a privilege to be like, well, if it doesn’t get a second season, then this is the meal, there’s the dessert, there’s the coffee. It’s the whole thing. Closure.”

The cast includes Kyle Soller as Victorian-era overachiever DI Edmond Hillinghead, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd as dashing WW2-era adventurer DS Karl Whiteman, Amaka Okafor as kickass present-day DS Hasan, Shira Haas as a post-apocalyptic haunted amnesiac DC Maplewood, and Stephen Graham as a man named Elias Mannix who is key to it all.

“Bodies” is now available to stream in full on Netflix.

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